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The Present Tense

Opening walkthrough: Saturday, April 22, 11am
Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 6pm

Ratio 3 is pleased to announce the third phase of our current exhibition, The Present Tense. On Saturday, April 22, The Present Tense will transition from a two-artist exhibition of works by Miriam Böhm and Mitzi Pederson to a new two-artist pairing, featuring photographic series by Böhm and ceramic sculptures by Ben Peterson.

Both Peterson and Böhm have developed new approaches to display their most recent bodies of work. Peterson's sculptures are presented atop two stages, each constructed with a combination of salvaged materials and refined surfaces. The irregular stages position Peterson's sculptures at varied heights, against contrasting textures, and within different implied scales.

Böhm’s two newest photographic series will join her already-installed monumental wallpaper, continuing her departure from traditional modes of photographic display. The first series is installed as an asymmetrical cluster with each image hanging at a different height, while the second series is installed with each photograph on a separate wall. By addressing the surrounding architecture and suggested spaces, Peterson's sculptures and Böhm's photographs create complimentary and complex interpretations of architectural scale and perspective.

To inaugurate this new two-artist conversation, Ratio 3 welcomes the public to attend a brief walkthrough of the exhibition and a discussion of both artists' practices on Saturday, April 22, at 11am, led by Patricia Maloney, executive director of Southern Exposure. This event takes place at the gallery; admission is free.

On Saturday, May 13, The Present Tense will enter its fourth phase, which will feature works by Ben Peterson and Brooklyn-based painter Zach Bruder.

The Present Tense emphasizes the perpetual nature of artistic thought and production. It is a platform to introduce new practices, reinterpret familiar bodies of work, and respond immediately to artists in an urgent moment. The Present Tense is a group exhibition drawn across time, a series of two-artist conversations, a continuous rotation surveying several artists’ practices, and an invitation for discourse.